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Timber Doors

Pro-Fit has a wonderful selection of external doors to suit all requirements and projects.

Our range of enhanced timber doors offers many different styles, traditional and contemporary.  We are on hand to help you choose the right door for your home.  Our timber doors are highly stable, energy efficient, weatherproof and secure.

Manufactured from a 44mm solid core laminate ply that incorporates two sheets of aluminium, they offer outstanding weather and security protection. The doors’ construction reduces the risk of bowing or twisting, ensuring many years of trouble-free operation

  • Can be easily adapted to be used as a fire escape
  • PAS 23/24 compliant
  • Fully compliant with Secured By Design
  • FD30 for Fire Escape.

Building Regulations compliant doors are also offered, as well as flush and glazed fire doors. French and folding doors complete this exciting exterior door range.

Specification Details.

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All of our timber doors are tested to BS 7950, Enhanced Security.  We offer an additional range of Secured by Design compliant doors too.

Energy Performance

most of our timber doors are double-glazed, although single-glazing and triple-glazing are both available.  Glazing units are available with a variety of different glass (such as low emissivity), cavity size and glass (such as argon) specifications.  A-C energy rated windows are available, even with sliding sash windows.  Whole window U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K can be achieved with double-glazing.  We can supply triple-glazed windows with whole window U-values below 1.0W/m2K.

- Why Wood?


No other material looks – or feels - like real wood. And with our high quality coatings and duo-colour option, you can enjoy the colour of your choice inside and outside. You can even have the beautiful character of natural wood inside, with a durable paint finish outside.

Adds value to you home

If you live in a period style home, it’s important to maintain its authenticity when replacing windows and doors – and that normally means using wood. Windows are one of the most important design features of a building. Replacing windows and doors with an inappropriate design or material is likely to reduce the value of your home.

Long life

Studies by Imperial College London and Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh have shown that wooden window frames made to the standards required of Wood Window Alliance members will last from 56 to 65 years in average conditions. Aluminium-clad windows will last even longer.

Simple maintenance

Today’s factory-finished wood windows are not just ultra durable, they are low maintenance too. Depending on the exposure of a window painted in an opaque coating, it is unlikely to need re-coating within the first 10 years of its life. And when you do need to recoat, you won’t have a big preparation job on your hands. All you have to do is to rub the frame over with a mildly abrasive sand paper, wipe down, prime any areas of bare wood and give the frame a single topcoat. Then your window is as good as new again. If anything does need repairing over the life of a wood window, it’s a much easier job than with any other material.

Kind to the environment

Wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests, is the ‘greenest’ material you can choose for a window. Each wood window you choose instead of a PVC-U frame, saves 160kgs CO2 over the life of the building – that’s over one and a half tonnes of CO2 for an average house of ten windows.



Pro-Fit is committed to maintaining the highest industry standards and our qualifications and our skills have been recognised by the following organisations:

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